CNC multi-function two station all-in-one machine
Cutting and Carving lens,Metal glasses, Acetate glasses, Aluminum glasses

This machine has two working position, one three axis working position, one 

four axis / five axis working position.With 3-5 spindle heads, the carving and 

milling parts are formed at one time, with high efficiency and good 

accuracy.Optional four axis, five axis function. Optional high gloss head, 

smooth finish without polishing.Bright and clean.metal fittings, aluminum 

frames, Carving and cutting lenses.Acetate frame and so on.

  • Original Taiwan electric principal axis supporting manufacturer 

  • Taiwan electric spindle manufacturer with original packaging 

  • Alpha 4-axis and 5-axis divider 

  • Taiwan HIWIN screw with original packaging, German Rexroth linear guide rail 

  • Special ultra-hard workbench 

  • 3-axis workbench*1

  • 4-axis and 5-axis working positions 

  • It is currently the only five axis multifunctional machine with two workstations and one machine with multiple functions.High gloss finish is bright and bright, achieving mirror effect without polishing and polishing,Optional tool library (8 knives)configuration.

Technical Parameters
Performance indexstandard value
Table size700*420mm
Positional accuracy of X/Y/Z axes movement  0.015mm
The accuracy of repetitive positioning of X/Y/Z/A axes0.010mm
Operating stroke of X/Y/Z axes             600mm*400mm*300mm
Distance from spindle face to workbench surface  115-450(Elevated type300-600)
Operating system             SYNTEC system +hand box 
Shank modeER-11/16
Working voltage380 V/ Three-phase 
Spindle speed 20000-60000rpm
Three-spindle fast moving 48m/min
Largest carrying capacity of workbench 300KG
Machine tool weight(KG)2500KG
Machine dimension1350*1450*2000mm

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