Automatic planning&cutting machine

Equipped with 3 sets of machine heads, fully automatic cutting and planing, multiple processes such as milling vertical surfaces, chamfering, slotting, etc. can be completed in one time, saving time, improving efficiency and accuracy. Equipped with automatic sorting and picking temple function, the processed materials are classified and placed in the material tray, and equipped with CCD to automatically identify and cutting materials. It is also the best choice for high-definition material cutting.

  • Original DELTA servo motor

  • SYNTEC system +hand box 

  • Temple planning horizontal machine head 

  • HUADIAO 1.5KW electric spindle*2/*3
  • Left and right discharging device 

  • Cutting temple vertical head 

  • Automatic loading device 

  • Taiwan HIWIN screw and guide rail with original packaging

  • It can realize the automatic cutting and temple planning. 

  • It can realize the intelligent production, without programming.
  •  It can save labor and moule, safe and reliable.

  • The precision is high, and the finish is good.

  • Automatic sorting of left-right temple. 

  • It can be automatic recognition and cutting by CCD image.  

Technical Parameters
Performance indexstandard value
Positional accuracy of X/Y/Z axes movement0.015mm
The accuracy of repetitive positioning of X/Y/Z/A axes0.010mm
Operating stroke of X/Y/Z axes500mm*500mm*200mm
Spindle power                      1.5w×2/1.5KW×3
Spindle speed1000-24000RMP
Spindle number20M/MIN
Shank modeER16
Working voltage220V/50HZ
Driving systemDelta servo x5 shaft 
Operating systemSYNTEC system +hand box 
Air pressure0.6MPA
Machine tool weight(KG)2000KG
Machine dimension1450*1550*1850mm

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