CNC automatic temple machine
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Full-automatic material and bronze needle loading, automatic heat and

automatic temple, all of them are achieved at once and all parts are run with

the screw rod guide rail without personnel supervision and with high

efficiency and good accuracy. The machine can realize the production of 

7080 pairs per hour, and one person can watch 10 machines, which greatly

reduce the labor skill, improve the quality and shorten the production cycle

Combined with CNC automatic planing machine, the two sets can complete

the whole process of temple, which is the most ideal and effective helper of

the rubber ratio department

  • Automatic feeding system 

  • CNC high-precision mechanism 

  • Automatic pin delivery mechanism 

  • SMC pneumatic components, OMRON electric apparatus 

  • Taiwan HIWIN screw and guide rail with original packaging

  • Automatic temple shooting mechanism 

  • 10-ton pressure cylinder 

  • Cooling and circulating system 

  • 4 sets of Japan Yaskawa servo motor 

  • Automatic discharging mechanism 

  • Save labor,matters and time

  • All parts are run with the screw rod guide rail

  • The precision of temple is over 3 times higher than traditional machine.

  • Automatic materials and bronze needles loading and discharging

  • Processed temple is smooth and bright without doing other handwork.

  • Automatic constant temperature device stably controls all base levels of temple.

  • The humanized system with simple machine adjusting ensures that the machineis always ready to use

Technical Parameters
Performance indexstandard value
Positional accuracy of X/Y/Z axes movement0.015mm
The accuracy of repetitive positioning of X/Y/Z/A axes0.010mm

Controlled at 1-degree deviation, 0-300 

adjustable, machine power, lathe dimensions

Papid movement speed30M
Machine power3.5KW
Working voltage380V/50HZ
Driving systemThe full set of original Japanese Yasjawa Servo*4
Operating systemSYNTEC systen +hand box
Air pressure0.8MPA
Machine tool weight850KG
Machine dimension1700*1000*2200mm

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