Automatiic Lamination machine-pads and end piece
For plastic material tailored stitching

It can realize the automatic friction and splicing of acetate sheet, without

splicing water and other accessories, realize the direct splicing, full-automatic 

splicing, automatic loading and grab of nose pad.  It has fast speed, low noise, 

strong stability, good splicing and fusion and even splicing surface. 

  • Dynamic balance motor 

  • 360-degree friction machine head 

  • Leaf material conveyor mechanism

  • Japan imported electrical appliances 

  • Imported infrared ray inductor

  • SMC/Airtac Taiwan cylinder 

  • Automatic feeding mechanism 

  • Automatic material withdrawal mechanism 

  • Angle patenting mechanism 

  • It can save time and labor, and realize the direct splicing without splicing water. 

  • The adjustment is convenient, and the cutting is fast. 

  • Environmentally-friendly and clean.

Technical Parameters
Performance indexstandard value
Working voltage 380V/Three-phase
Operating systemPLC man-machine interface 
Machine power     250W
Working noise  550RMP
Operating frequency 600HZ
Air pressure600HZ
Machine tool weight(KG)700KG
Machine dimension1200*1000*1650mm
Production speed        Three deputies/minute 

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