Lamination machine
It breaks through the traditional process, and is custom-made for the acetate sheets splice.

It can realize the splicing of glasses acetate nose pad cutting or end_piece 

cutting,and realize the direct splicing without spliching water and other 

accessories.It has fast speed,low noise,strong stability and good fusion 

splicing.The splicing surface is even.

  • 360-degree friction machine head 

  • Japan imported electrical appliances 

  • Imported infrared inductor 

  • Taiwan cylinder 

  • Imported motor 

  • Discharging mechanism 

  • Material clamping mechanism 

  • It can save time and labor, and realize the direct splicing without splicing water. 

  • The adjustment is convenient, and the cutting is fast. 

  • Environmentally-friendly and clean. 

Technical Parameters
Performance indexstandard value
Working voltage 380V/Three-phase
Operating systemPLC man-machine interface 
Machine power       3KW
Working noise  70DB
Operating frequency 600HZ
Air pressure0.6MPA
Machine tool weight(KG)500KG
Machine dimension800*800*1650mm
Production speed            Three deputies/minute 

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