Automatic bending bridge and end piece machine
New generation of advantageous product, integration of three processes

It is designed for the standard working procedure of Acetate frame, and integrates all working procedures including full-automatic loading, bending bridge, end_piece bending, milling of locating slot, full-automatic loading and cooling setting, thus realizing the real automatic production. 

  • Big cylinder body, powerful pressure 

  • Automatic feeding mechanism 

  • Scrap discharge mechanism 

  • Japan SMC and Taiwan SHAKO pneumatic components

  • Taiwan AirTAC Cylinder  

  • Panasonic vertical motor 

  • Automatic discharging mechanism 

  • It can save labor and working procedure, doesn't need personnel operation, and realize the full-automatic operation. 

  • The center bridge and end piece are stereoscopic and full, the shape is in symmetry, and the middle division is even. 

  • It is equipped with the automatic adjustable heating system, with stable and standard heating. 

  • It is equipped with automatic adjustable cooling system, and cooling setting effect standard is consistent. 

Technical Parameters
Performance indexstandard value
Heating system  Mechanical heating 
Cooling system   Panasonic cooling device 
Engraving and milling slot power 250W
Spindle power550RMP
Shank modeEr16
Working voltage20V/50HZ
Operating systemPLC man-machine interface 
Air pressure0.6MPA
Machine tool weight(KG)500KG
Machine dimension700*1600*1550mm

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