Laser welder

Laser welding can realize energy saving and environment protecting as well as cost reduction. Precise welding beam, bright and clean welding spot, servo configuration, imported screw rod guide rail, stable machine running, various clamps, high-speed and precise welding, controllable welding depth, and flexible use.

  • Energy saving and environment protecting 

  • Bright and clean welding spot 

  • Solid welding 

  • Easy operation 

  • Long service life of welding 

  • Non-deformation welding 

  • Highly variable clamp 

  • High-stability machine

Technical Parameters
Performance indicatorsstandard value
The accuracy of dynamic positioning of X/Y/Z/A axes0.015MM
The accuracy of repetitive positioning of X/Y/Z/A axes0.010MM
Fourth-axis precision of A axle rotation0.015MM
Rapid movement speed10M
Welding power200-400W
Working voltage220V/50HZ
Driving systemThe full set of Taiwan Delta Stepping/ Servo
Operating systemPLC
Air pressure0.6MPA
Machine tool weight350KG
External dimension900*1100*1600

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