CNC multi-function combined engraving and milling machine
New generation of advantageous product, 13 tool heads combination

Professional processing hardware accessories spring hinge and other 

accessories are processed automatically in the whole process.

The precision is high, and the matching position is smooth. With 13 high-

precision processing stations, all patterns can be completed at a time. 

  • Original high-power servo motor 

  • Transmission mechanism 

  • 13 workstations 

  • 3-axis dual-working position workbench 

  • Oil cooling circulation system 

  • Taiwan HIWIN screw with original packaging, German Rexroth linear guide rail 

  • It can save labor and working procedure, and combines all processes with the machine. 

  • The workpiece to be cut has the clean and bright surface, is angular, and has a great stereoscopic effect. 

  • With CNC digital and standardized production, workpiece size is uniform. 

  • It has the two-station type automatic scalable fixture, and the processing is completed at a time. 

Technical Parameters
Performance indexstandard value
Positional accuracy of X/Y/Z axes movement        0.015mm
The accuracy of repetitive positioning of X/Y/Z/A axes0.010mm
Operating stroke of X/Y/Z axes 400mm*300mm*150mm
Number of workstation13
Table size           200mm*200mm
Spindle power  750W
Rotating speed        50-6000RMP
Rapid feed rate                15m/min
Working voltage380 V/ Three-phase 
Driving system          Alternating current servo 
Operating system       SYNTEC system +hand box 
Air pressure  0.6MPA
Machine tool weight 1100KG
Machine dimension   1350*1600*1850

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