Automatic cutting lens machine-5 AXIS

This machine has a five axis workstation, 5 spindles, and has high gloss processing function. It can cut flat, single spherical, double spherical, cylindrical, and cutting R200-1000. Fast speed processing and good smoothness. Fully automatic feeding, placing, processing and placing of foam box, it is the best lens cutting machine and is famous for its engraving, milling, and high precision at present.

  • Fully automatic loading and unloading.

  • Suitable to complex five axis lens processing.

  • Avoidance of scratches.

  • And prevention of hand prints.

  • Five axis and high gloss axis combined with each other to create a high gloss Finish lens edges. 

  • The system is easy to operate.

  • User-friendly, and convenient.

  • Saving labor and improving efficiency.

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