Milling and cutting temple

This machine has four tooling positions and can carve 4 pcs temple at the same time, 2 left and 2 right, or 4 pieces in the same direction. The rotary fixture is 4 axis, dual Z-axis. Any shape temple can be positioned with hinge holes, no need for making fixed fixtures. Multiple processes for one-time processing, carving from multiple angles, cutting with two angles: inclination angle and shooting position. After the cutting is completed, the fixture can rotate 90 degrees for carving and drilling on the facade. It is used for matching highly difficult metal parts, with high accuracy and more precise matching. It saves a lot of labor, mold making time, and materials, greatly reduces energy consumption, and ensures the accuracy of machining and the unified fit of the hinge position on the frame surface.

  • Save labor.

  • Save the cost of making molds.

  • Improve the accuracy of the mating position.

  • Match consistent.

  • Multi-process in one-time.

  • And more productive.

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