CNC full-automatic dual-station fancy machine-4-axis and 5-axis
A full expert for improved fancy processing efficiency, including 5-axis dual station, a super product of speed and difficulties

It is installed with 5-axis dual workstation, which is used to process front 

frame of rubber frame spectacle, inner ring, outer ring and fancy dual 

workstation, one pair finished in one minute, with 10-axis servo driving, 

from feeding to processing managed by data, convenient commissioning, 

and a processing expert for processing the latest products and quick 

shifting of orders.make one pair a minute. 

  • Imported Sanyo 1300W large inertia servo motor with brake with original packaging 

  • 10-axial servo driving 

  • Germany Alpha 4-axis and 5-axis divider 

  • Taiwan HIWIN screw and guide rail with original packaging

  • Specified widened and lengthened chassis 

  • 9 Xingchen (Senchen, Huadiao) oil cooling electric spindle Taiwan electric spindle oil cooling unit 

  • Automatic feeding device

  • Dual work station 

  • Primary molding clamping cradle 

  • Taiwan AirTAC Cylinder

  • Human-centered discharging bucket 

  • Shortly referred to as “quick”, the only 5-axis, dual-station, multi-axis and complete data memory controlled equipment,high processing rate and quick control 

Technical Parameters
Performance indexstandard value
Positional accuracy of X/Y/Z axes movement0.015mm

The accuracy of repetitive positioning of X/Y/Z/A axes     

Operating stroke of X/Y/Z axes      700mm*350mm*250mm
A-shaft clamp fourth-axis precision0.015mm
Table size600mm*410mm
Spindle power     1.5KW
Ospindle speed3000-24000RMP
Spindle number9
Number of cyclo converter2
Shank modeER16
Rapid feed rate    30m/min
Working voltage    220V/Three-phase
Driving systemSanyo alternating current servo
Operating systemSYNTEC system +hand box 
Air pressure0.6MPA
Machine tool weight3000KG
Machine dimension  1900*1600*2200

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