Automatic bending frame machine with Robot Arm

 frame bending, we heating the glycerin firstly, so that the frame reaches a unified standard temperature, through the two workstation mold bending ring shaping, after entering cold air, it is cooling down again shaping, so that the overall curvature of the glasses frame is stable and not deformed, the arm automatic loading and unloading, automatic constant temperature heating, automatic cooling and shaping, all work is completed at one time. We equipped with automatic loading of material trays, convenient adjustment, point-to-point adjustment, dialog box entry mode. In the later stage, it can be upgraded and combined to become a comprehensive workstation via AGV loading and unloading. And it has a data collection function, which can transmit the processing status of the machine to the database in real time for quote and reference.

  • Fully automatic robot loading and unloading

  • Glycerin heating

  •  Two workstations 

  • Automatic loading of material trays

  • Stable and non-deformation of the frame

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