Automatic hinge machine with Robot Arm

This machine is used for punching, nail, and cutting pile heads of acetate glasses, with an accuracy of less than 0.05mm, and is a fully automatic machine. We have 1 set of robotic arm devices, 1 set of automatic calibration devices, 1 set of automatic material feeding tray devices, 2 sets of automatic hinge feeding devices, 2 sets of automatic hinge devices, and 2 sets of material loading devices. The material tray is automatically sent to the processing area, easy adjustment and dialog box entry mode are available. In the future, it can be upgraded and combined to become an AGV intelligent vehicle for connecting materials and a comprehensive production workstation. And it has data collection function, which can transmit the machining status of the machine to the database in real-time for calling and reference. It is a very intelligent device.

  • Automatic robot loading and unloading, integrate of drilling

  • Nail hinge and pile head cutting

  •  Nail hinge accuracy up to 0.05mm

  • Stable firepower 

  • Diversified hinges and strong inclusiveness

  • Processing speed up to 130-150 pairs/hour 

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