High precision engraving and milling machine
Three-spindle, four-spindle, five-spindle full-automatic

It is full-automatic, without personnel watching, saves labor, and integrates the multiple processes. It is the full-automatic processing series and the full-automatic equipment of producing the high-precision hardware series products. It uses the granite marble machine body, and the body precision reaches class-UM, so it is not easily deformed, and durable for a long time. 

  • Original servo motor 

  • 4-axis and 5-axis function embedding zone 

  • Huadiao electric principal axis*2 

  • 3-axis working platform 

  • Oil cooling circulating system 

  • Taiwan HIWIN screw with original packaging, German Rexroth linear guide rail 

  • Anti-vibrating marble complete machine 

  • It can save labor, trouble and time, and realize the one-time processing. 

  • The precision is high, and all sizes are standard and unified. 

  • It has the humanized operating system, imported configuration and complete function, and executes the command fast and accurately. 

  • The automatic fixture adjustment is convenient, and it is equipped with the full buffer system, quick and safe. 

Technical Parameters
Performance index    Standard value 
Working table area (mm)      500*400
Positional accuracy of X/Y/Z axes movement   0.015mm
The accuracy of repetitive positioning of X/Y/Z/A axes0.010mm
Operating stroke of X/Y/Z axes  600mm*500mm*200mm
Distance from spindle face to workbench surface    115-300
Spindle taper and spindle sleeve outer diameter              BT30/¢95
Operating system                SYNTEC system +hand box 
Spindle speed (rpm)              0—30000
Three-spindle fast moving (m/min) 30m/min
Largest carrying capacity of workbench (KG)  250
Shank modeBT30
Working voltage380 V/ Three-phase 
Machine dimension (W x H x L) (mm)1600*1500*2000
Machine tool weight  (KG)2500

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